Why digital marketing is important even in wartime!

As if we as business owners don’t have enough difficulties on a daily basis and the war that these evildoers forced upon us is one of them. The Knesset waived their salary to express solidarity, but that’s another post) We understand that there is no choice and the show must continue even in times of struggle and suffering, digital marketing is important to bring new customers and new blood to the business because no one will provide for us, neither the state nor the government nor the USA p>

In this post, we will discuss the reasons why business marketing is important even in times of war.

1. Explanatory content: Many business owners and influencers use social networks to spread explanatory content and present their perspectives on the war. This is an example of how the digital serves as an important array in bringing information and moral support in our military struggle and it has several advantages:
a. Keeps us busy and helps us get back to normal little by little and start publishing content that is not related to the war because we got used to creating content
b. In addition, we feel that we are contributing even if it is in a small way to the overall effort.

2. The people are still shopping!: Even in wartime, people are working, shopping, buying services and looking for information on the net. Digital tools such as advertising in social networks, advertising in search engines and even email marketing are used to reach all of Israel, anytime and anywhere, and even in times of war.

3. This is the time for promotions: This is the time to market and give promotions and discounts and the extra service. Those customers who bought at a discount will continue to buy in the future and they will remember the discount you gave and the extra time.

4. We must not let them win: If we are so sad and we remain inaction and fear – the other side has won, we must continue and let the economy work and grow Israel and the Israeli people are strong but we do not need an economic crisis on our heads .

To sum up, even in times of struggle and fighting it is important to keep the engines of the economy running because if the economy falls and the home front is not strong we will not be able to take care of donations for the fighters and most importantly food for our children.
There is war outside and on the borders (the article was written while I was in the reserves) but Also the economic war on our house!

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